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365 chances to change your career!

This is the year I will get the best out of my professional life!

This is our last mini article for 2016. We hope that you had a great year and wish you happy holidays. It is highly important to take a break and unplug during the holidays. Zoom out and get a broader view on your professional life. Think about where you want to go in your career and make some New Year resolutions.

In the meantime, we are happy to share some inspiring stories, cool events and useful trainings with you.

2017: a year you become an entrepreneur?

Apply now to Swiss CTI Business Creation training program!

The EPFL Innovation Park offers a 5-day training course, for young startups, spread over three weeks and sponsored by the Swiss Federation. The course entitled Business Creation is designed for founders who are in the early stages of their startup. Next course starts in Lausanne on January 26th 2017 — so sign up now!

For more information and to register:

Prefer on-line training?

Than “Launching new ventures” taught by 2 awesome EPFL professors is for you!

“There are no prerequisites for this course, except for your curiosity, persistence and interest in sharpening your entrepreneurial mindset!”

Getting funding for your startup

You must go to the presentation of FIT at the University of Lausanne! You will meet people from technology transfer, learn how to get FIT to support your startup and meet the entrepreneurs who have benefited from the FIT funding.

Not to be missed by future entrepreneurs!

Dive deeper into startup ecosystem with startupticker

Want to dive even deeper into startup ecosystem? Startupticker, the best resource for entrepreneurs and investors in Switzerland, is organizing a brunch in Lausanne!

The main theme is the presentation of the fourth edition of the Swiss Venture Capital Report. The analysis of investment in 2016 reveals trends and provides background information on the domestic venture capital market and its economic importance to the country’s innovative strength.

Get a chance to meet startup superstar

Startup Grind Zurich is hosting the founder of MyMuesli Max Wittrock! Don't miss your chance to meet him and learn about marketing, ecommerce, storytelling, growth hacking and many more things!

Need some inspiration for your entrepreneurial journey?

Watch this video and learn about SwissDecode and inspiring story of it’s founder Gianpaolo Rando who went all the way from the bench in the lab through biohacking, startup weekends and startup accelerators to success.

6 different alumni, 6 different stories

You can become not only an entrepreneurs, but also an artist!  Read interviews with these inspiring people and learn about their exciting career path!

Science and art! Shaken, not stirred…

The Catalyst is a project of Adria LeBoeuf featured in the previous section. These amazing people organised an incredible event this December! If you are passionate about science and filmmaking and you have somehow missed EXPOSURE hackathon in Lausanne, you still have all the chances to get your mind blown by watching the videos produced thanks to the Hackathon on Youtube

Stay on top of pharma news anytime anywhere

Daily insightful updates from BioPharma Dive will help you to follow pharmaceutical industry wherever you are.

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