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Resources for career transitioning in Eastern Switzerland

Diversify your skills and get inspired

The following events will help you to network, meet inspiring people and open your mind to creative and interesting things.

 Roche Continents

A week of workshops in the heart of Salzburg music festival for artists and scientists.


Meet inspiring speakers and open your mind to new things. Contact them and try to volunteer!

The Catalyst

Learn scientific improvisation, collaboration and innovation!

Impact Hub (Geneva)

Impact Hub is a worldwide network of co-working spaces dedicated to social entrepreneurship. They host multiple events and workshops with inspiring speakers and most of them (such as Creative Mornings) are free of charge.

Continue your education

CAS in Biotech, MedTech and Pharma Ventures

EPFL offers Certificate of Advanced Studies in the management of Biotech, MedTech and Pharma ventures. It is pricy, but it is worth every penny.

Formation Continue UNIL-EPFL

Continue your education and diversify your career with multiple courses offered by UNIL and EPFL.

CAS and DAS University of Geneva

Multiple educational courses available at the University of Geneva. For example, this one on the management of clinical trials


One of the world best business schools offers a number of classes from MBA to on-line courses. Ideal for busy and ambitious professionals.

 Université Populaire Lausanne

This University offers reasonably priced classes including language courses

 Ecole Migros

Migros School offers different classes including language courses

 Courses by Vanya Loroch

These courses will help you to learn subjects outside academic environment.

 BNF courses

BNF is active all over Switzerland and has a long history of supporting academic researchers


IFJ main activity is to support startups, however they organize different courses for example in marketing or business development (most of them free) that are open to everyone.

 Club of the Female entrepreneurs

The activities of this organization are oriented to female founders, but often they co-host different workshops.


Coursera offers a wide range of on-line trainings from the Universities all over the world. And some of them completely for free!


This on-line resource has mini-classes (often free of charge) that can help you to learn something new every day. Creative Writing for example can be very useful for those who will be working on their thesis or paper soon!

IP training for Life Science students and post-docs

This intense 2-day workshop on Intellectual property is a great opportunity for students and post-docs.

Novartis BioCamp

Get together with 60 selected students from science and technology under Novartis roof

 Summer school on intellectual property

Great training with some basic information on intellectual property

 Diplomacy training

If this is something you are interested in, why not?

 REGARD program

A bunch of very interesting workshops for female academics

Tap into consulting career

McKinsey Dive

This amazing 3-day workshop is organized in different European capitals and oriented to students that want to get a taste of consulting.

McKinsey Next generation women leaders

Another great event from McKinsey oriented to female leaders. Great networking and empowering content.

 BCG events

Boston consulting group organizes different events in European capitals. Check them out

EPFL consulting society

Join the group that represents your future career goals

 Deloitte events

This consulting company organizes different events which are a great opportunity to learn more about job opportunities.

Voisin consulting events

This Life Science consulting companies is a common guest at different conferences. They also organize webinars on different industry topics

 Cases in Point

Your Bible for the interview in consulting company

 LinkedIn group PhD to consulting

Plenty of advises for your interview in a consulting company.

 Share (global student think tank EPFL)

One more opportunity to join a group representing your future career ambitions.

 KPMG competition

Join this competition organized by one of the biggest international consulting companies!

Networking events by different organizations and associations

Innovation Forum Lausanne

This association of young professionals organizes interesting events with speakers from Academia, Industry and Government.


BioScience network Lausanne hosts probably the best career events for academics: from project management trainings to Life Science Career day

 SV postdoc association (EPFL)

This EPFL association hosts different events aiming to support post-docs in natural sciences

 ADAS Lausanne

This association of PhD students and assistants at University of Lausanne organizes different networking events and retreats.

 SV industry

Another EPFL association that organizes series of seminars with high profile keynote speakers


Healthcare businesswomen association organizes networking events across Switzerland with some of the most influential women in different sectors associated to healthcare. Also, great mentorship program


This organization unites Life Science companies in 7 cantons of Switzerland. BioAlps networking day is one of must-attend events for Life Science professionals.

Inartis Foundation

This non-for profit foundation active in Life Science domain hosts different events from international scientific conferences to Hackathons.

 Inartis Network

The baby sister of Inartis Foundation, this organization work tightly with CTI and hosts many interesting events for Life Science Professionals.

 Events at UniverCité

This innovative hub in Renens combines entrepreneurship, research and design.

Venture Leaders

Meet top startups!

Startup Grind Zurich

Connect to the community of entrepreneurs, investors and supporting organizations

 Swiss Biotech association recommends

Great source of Life Science events

 Events at Biopole

This new pole of Innovation hosts different interesting events. Check them out

 EPFL alumni events

If you happen to be an EPFL alumni, it is worth coming to the events. You might meet some very high profile people like a CTO of Nestle.

EPFL innovation park events

From informal pizza gatherings to professional workshops, EPFL innovation park hosts multiple events worth vising.


Initiative oriented to invention and discovery in Science and Technology.


Meet inspiring speakers and enjoy networking

Career events

Forum EPFL

This EPFL career fair brings together big number of companies. Worth attending.

 Life Science Career Day

Lausanne and Zurich editions are something you absolutely need to attend

Try garage innovation!


Want to try research outside Academia and Industry? Then this place is for you


Hackathon is an interdisciplinary event that brings together people for a brainstorm session that can last for several days. Hackathons are getting more and more trendy. A few of them are mentioned below.

I want to launch my own company!

Startup weekend

Startup weekend are organized in different cities. Is a great chance to work in a team of like-minded people on your future company!

 CTI entrepreneurship training

This basic training for future CEOs and co-founders is reasonably priced and has very good reviews.

 Get a job in a start-up

Joining a startup as a scientist or a cofounder can be a good way to transition from Academia into something else

 Find cofounders

Best platform to find cofounders for your venture

Swiss startup day

This event unites investors, entrepreneurs and supporting organizations. The ticket is a bit pricy, but worth it as you can book 1-to-1 meetings with different people.

 Swiss startup summit

The biggest event bringing together huge number of Swiss startups and supporting organizations. And it is free!

Take an unpaid leave and do an internship


Microsoft offers multiple career opportunities. Find more about them here 

Merck Strategic marketing internship

One of the best ways to taste industry outside the bench

SHIRE summer internship

Use your summer wisely!



Try yourself in crowdsourcing! Participate in an exciting challenge and win prizes!

Scientific Communication

Musée de la Main

They quite often need scientific mediators to animate exhibitions

Science et Cité

All major resources on scientific communication



Musée de la Main

They quite often need scientific mediators to animate exhibitions

Science et Cité

All major resources on scientific communication

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