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From Academia to Medical Science Liaison

Martijn is the founder of the only online Medical Science Liaison (MSL) training platform that helps people like yourself to maximise your chances to become an MSL.

Martijn is originally from the Netherlands where he did his BSc, MSc and PhD and then moved to Sydney ten years ago to start his postdoc. After close to four years of postdocing he had enough of it started an exciting job as an MSL in the pharmaceutical industry and never looked back. As an MSL you will be discussing high level science and clinical data with the top clinicians in your field on the latest (pipeline) drugs of the company that could change the lives of millions of people.

He quickly realised that like him, many other PhD/Postdocs struggled to find good information to prepare themselves for the transition from academia into the pharmaceutical industry as an MSL. With a year of MBA training and 7 weeks of bedrest required after a back operation, he started to become an entrepreneur and founded his own MSL career and coaching company and built an online MSL training platform that has helped already hundreds of candidates globally to maximise their chances to transition into an MSL role.


Director “from SCIENCE to PHARMA”

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Nature interview about the MSL landscape

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