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Highlights of the week 3 oct

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La Giornata dell'Innovazione 2016
Ticino Life Sciences: Dalla Ricerca al Farmaco

20 Ottobre 2016
dalle ore 14:00
Auditorium Banca Stato, Bellinzona

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7-9 November 2016

NanoBioTech-Montreux is a unique Conference at the frontiers of Micro- and NanoTechnology developments for Biological, Chemical and Medical applications.

The format includes plenary talks from invited speakers of international renown, followed by oral presentations describing original new research. The poster display sessions are preceded by oral “flash” presentations

Conference Topics

  • Single Cell Platform: Analysis, Manipulation; Sorting; Novel Handling Techniques; Single Cell Imaging; Cell; Arrays
  • Medicine: Nanomedicine; Clinical Applications of Nanotechnology; Point-of-Care Devices; Cell; Analysis Systems
  • Fundamentals: Nanofluidics; Nanoparticles; Modelling
  • Molecular Analysis: Chromatography; Separation Science; Detection Systems, Membrane-Free Separation; NMR; Mass Spectrometry
  • Systems: Integrated Platforms; Systems Engineering; Microfluidics Integration
  • Imaging: Photonics, Plasmonics, SERS
  • Cell / Tissue Engineering: Cell Growth; Cell Engineering; Scaffolds; Nanobiomaterials; Stem Cells; Regenerative Medicine; Implantable Sensors and Systems
  • Nanobiotechnology: Nanobiosensor; Nanomanipulation; Tools; Engineering Molecules and Surfaces; Self-Assembly; Molecular Motors

2016 Invited speakers 

  • Christophe Vieu, INSA, LAAS-CNRS, F
  • Wouter van der Wijngaart, KTH, Stockholm, SE
  • Margarita Staykova, Durham University, UK
  • Nathalie Picollet D’hahan, CEA Grenoble, F
  • Walter Reisner, McGill University, Montreal, CA
  • Jurriaan Huskens, Twente University, NL
  • Andrew de Mello, ETH, Zürich, CH
  • Martin Fischrechner, Southampton University, UK
  • Huidan Zhang, Harvard University, USA


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